dayone - helping you stay curious

By Marc Kermisch

I believe in the concept of relevancy as a key ingredient to success. Relevancy requires constant learning, challenging norms, and embracing the future. Welcome to Day One, where we cover a wide variety of topics, with a personal perspective, weaving in our own experiences to bring the topics to life. Our topics vary based on reader input, social and life events, and topics that may be just top of mind for us.

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Can the Capital Planning Process ever be fixed? - dayone - Issue #13

This newsletter is getting out later than I had hoped. Just like the capital planning process, sometimes your priorities have to change and adjust as new demands impact your business. That definitely happened to me this month. However, can the capital plann...


What the $%#! is a Platform Company - dayone, Issue #12

The term Platform Company has invaded our business lingo. Over the past several years, the push for traditional companies to evolve into platform companies grows stronger. Few companies have made this transition, in part, because few understand what a platf...


So long 2020! - dayone, Issue #11

In December of 2019, I decided I was going to commit to writing an article a month on a topic I thought others in my network would enjoy. I published on LinkedIn, Medium, my own website, and via this newsletter. I achieved 83% of my goal and learned a lot o...


dayone - Life is Seven Days a Week - Issue #10

2020 keeps on kicking us all! However, in this work from home world, many of us have learned how to be productive using video conferences, phone calls, and messaging apps. All while trying to find a quiet corner in homes where our kids can't find us, the do...


dayone - Knocked off your Rails - Issue #9

Going into 2020, I had a goal of writing a monthly newsletter and at least 1 article per month. Well, as the rest of 2020 has gone, so has my goal, as I was knocked off my rails...


dayone - I am an English Major, now what? - Issue #8

I am often asked for career advice. It might be how to start out in a career in technology to how to get promoted to the next level or even become a CIO/CTO. In looking back at my career, it has take many left turns, starting all the way back in college. Wh...


My Company Filed Bankruptcy, Now What? - Issue #7

I had intended to write this article on Bankruptcy several months ago, but then more timely topics came up that were more important to address in my mind. Now that we are into July and 5-months into the pandemic, I definitely hit a wall of burn-out. I took ...


George Floyd #wecantbreathe - Issue #6

2020 has turned into anything but normal. Starting with a global pandemic, record unemployment, a shift in our social norms, and a reshaping of our economy. This past week we were reminded that as much as things change, they stay the same with the senseless...


Starting a New Job During a Pandemic - Issue #5

Eight weeks ago life was so normal and none of us could have imagined the changes we have experienced since then. We now pick up our dinners instead of dine in. Put masks on to shop. Connect via video vs. over a beer or coffee. Wash our hands more than we e...


Building Your Personal Network - Issue #4

We all have friends, but we don't all have professional networks. The irony is, building a network is very similar to building a group of friends. Every friendship is built on giving and taking, just as professional relationships are built. Professional net...


Why can't we just be honest? - dayone - Issue #3

Have you every received feedback that took you by surprise? Or left you wondering how to react to it? Have you ever given feedback, only have your employee argue with you are give you blank stare? Does even thought of giving or receiving feedback leave you ...


Focus your Culture - dayone - issue #2

How many times have you walked into a review and not known where you stand? Or you sat down to write your annual review and had to dig deep for what you delivered over the course of the year? Or you failed to complete something and aren't quiet sure why? Ob...


Introducing "day one" - a newsletter to keep you curious...

You have probably heard this phrase if you pay attention to Jeff Bezos and his annual shareholder letter. Bezos and Amazon believe it is always Day One of their company. Day One of what is to come, Day One, so you always stay hungry. I believe strongly in t...