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Building Your Personal Network - Issue #4

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Building Your Personal Network - Issue #4
By Marc Kermisch • Issue #4 • View online
We all have friends, but we don’t all have professional networks. The irony is, building a network is very similar to building a group of friends. Every friendship is built on giving and taking, just as professional relationships are built. Professional networks are just for finding a job, but they can become a source for continuous learning and community building. This month, I share my thoughts on the value of a network and how to go about building one.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash
Building Your Personal Network
During the first .com bust in the early 2000’s I thought that I had built a strong network. When my start-up’s public offering was pulled, and after the 3rd round of layoffs, I knew I had to find a new job. As I started to reach out to my network, it fell short for me. Everyone I talked to was nice but dismissive. My ability to find a job was to search for open positions and apply. For almost a decade, I dismissed the value of a network, based on that experience, hunkered down and just did my job. While I did invest in myself through training and professional certifications, I didn’t “waste time” on trying to build out a professional network, personal board of directors, or even try collaborating with colleagues in similar roles that worked at different companies. I was merely dismissive of the value of a network.
That is until I realized that I was 100% dependent on the company I worked for and didn’t have that much control of my career. [Read the rest of the article…]
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