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George Floyd #wecantbreathe - Issue #6

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George Floyd #wecantbreathe - Issue #6
By Marc Kermisch • Issue #6 • View online
2020 has turned into anything but normal. Starting with a global pandemic, record unemployment, a shift in our social norms, and a reshaping of our economy. This past week we were reminded that as much as things change, they stay the same with the senseless killing of George Floyd. I felt obligated to share my thoughts on the topic of race.

George Floyd #wecantbreathe
This month I had intended to write about my experience working for a Private Equity backed turnaround that filed bankruptcy. I had expected to write about this last month but felt addressing my experience changing jobs during the Pandemic was more timely. Once again, I find myself with a strong desire to address a current event, the senseless killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers on a public street, surrounded by a crowd who was filming the incident. I will tie two critical thoughts together, my feelings about race and how I have perpetuated stereotypes even though I consider myself one who loves and supports all people. Second, as a leader, as a technologist, what can I do both professionally and personally. 
Am I racist
As a white person who had the luck of growing up with two loving parents who could provide a home, a public education, help pay for college, and allow me to live in the suburbs, I had a leg up over so many others. [Read the Rest of the Article]
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