My Company Filed Bankruptcy, Now What? - Issue #7





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My Company Filed Bankruptcy, Now What? - Issue #7
By Marc Kermisch • Issue #7 • View online
I had intended to write this article on Bankruptcy several months ago, but then more timely topics came up that were more important to address in my mind. Now that we are into July and 5-months into the pandemic, I definitely hit a wall of burn-out. I took a bit of time to just unwind and reconnect with my family over the first few weeks of this month, I hope you got a chance too take some personal time as well. This month, I tackle the topic of Bankruptcy, which seems to be in the headlines more an more as our economy struggles to re-open.

My Company Filed Bankruptcy, Now What?
No ever expects their company to file for Bankruptcy. When it happens, it can be both shocking and expected at the same time. While Bankruptcy is a well-known term, it is not well understood by the masses. You see headlines of companies filing for Chapter 11 or Chapter 7. You hear about how student debt is leading to Personal Bankruptcy. However, as I recently learned, you never understand the minutiae until you go through it. In full disclosure, I recently went through the process leading up to Bankruptcy and the initial filing. I didn’t go through the emergence of the company after Bankruptcy, as I chose to leave. So my opinions here will only cover what I experienced.  [Read the Rest of the Article]
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