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Why can't we just be honest? - dayone - Issue #3

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Why can't we just be honest? - dayone - Issue #3
By Marc Kermisch • Issue #3 • View online
Have you every received feedback that took you by surprise? Or left you wondering how to react to it? Have you ever given feedback, only have your employee argue with you are give you blank stare? Does even thought of giving or receiving feedback leave you feeling anxious? I believe that our approaches to feedback lack honesty in the discussion, due to concerns on hurting feelings or lack of courage. Being honest in giving feedback is the true gift, not the feedback in itself. [Read the rest of the article…]

Why can't we just be honest?
How many times have you heard that “Feedback is a Gift”? When I was working at Target Corporation this phrase was used so many times, that I had more gifts than I knew what to do with. Feedback piled up in the corner to the point that I felt like I had a scarlet letter on my chest declaring: “Moves Fast, Doesn’t Bring Others Along, Can come across arrogant, Overly Confident”. In fact, what I learned at my time at Target was that with all the gifts I received, I did not always get the context required for me to understand the impact that my strengths and opportunities were having on my career runway as I engaged within the organization. [Read the rest here]
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